Falconry Centre stealing our website content – what a lack of creativity or more likely a lack of interest in Wedding ring bearing owls!

July 4, 2012

We’ve learned this week that a falconry centre has decided to offer owl ring bearing as one of their services – fair enough. However, what is not quite fair enough is that they have been unable to put their own stamp on their business by writing their own ring bearing wedding owl script. Is it that they lack creativity or is it that they don’t actually know what Owl Ring Bearing involves? We wonder and suspect that it is the latter as we found that they have stolen content from our website. We wonder how many other websites they trawled through before they decided on ours? We suppose we should be flattered.

At Flying the Knot we pride ourselves in our quality brand, quality of customer service and our unique selling point. It is a very important USP too – and one that nobody else in the UK can claim. Our birds are only ever used as wedding ring bearing owls. They are not used as display birds in falconry centres, they are not used in schools for natural history lessons, they are only ever used as ring bearing owls. Which means that this is the job they know and understand. I say that this is an important point as recently we were commissioned by a Major of the British Army to deliver his wedding rings in Gretna Green. We were the 6th company to visit Gretna Green and the only one which delivered. The reason – our USP ‘dedicated Barn owls’. Regular training in churches, civil ceremony rooms and outdoor ceremony areas is a must and something that a falconry centre just does not have the time to do. Their time is taken up running a falconry centre and delivering outdoor displays with many different birds. Owl ring bearing involves two individuals going off site to a wedding venue, a huge amount of ongoing training off site and this is simply manpower that most falconry centres simply don’t have.

Our legal team tell us that it is not unusual for new ventures use stolen content from competitors websites and that it shows an unprofessional approach to marketing and begs the question how reputable is the rest of the organisations activities?

Thought you might be interested – we will keep you updated.