Wedding Owl at Rostherne church, Knutsford

September 11, 2011

Working with Ian and Lucy on Saturday was absolutely wonderful.  The church was set in a stunning part of Cheshire, up on a brow with a wonderful walk up to the church.  There was rolling countryside and a beautiful mere at the rear of the church.

Spirit the wedding ring bearing barn owl

Spirit made the delivery of the bride and groom’s wedding rings and was absolutely adored by the congregation and quite a large one at that. Adorned in heather ribbons, Spirit travelled along the aisle in between the standing guests and in graceful undulating flight, she delivered her package beautifully.   She quite liked young Theo who she flew to and didn’t want to leave him to return to her handler.  We think Theo and the wedding guests quite liked this bit too!  However Spirit was eventually persuaded to return to Robert and she got a lovely ‘treat’ (owl cake, as we call it) when she did.

Thereafter Spirit mingled with the wedding guests and was centre of attention for a little while, posing for lots of photographs.  The bride and groom had their turn and if the photograph that we took was anything to go by, we imagine the photographer’s photographs will be incredible.