St George’s Hall – Wedding Show 17th and 18th September

September 16, 2011

We are really excited to begin this year’s wedding shows at St George’s Hall in Liverpool.  St George’s Hall really is a stunning building and has a lovely feel to it.   It has been in so many films due to its amazing architecture. In fact did you know that after London, Liverpool is the most ‘filmed in’ city in the UK.  There is lots of brilliant architecture here, we love it.  What a privilege to work in this building too!

Indoor wedding at Grosvenor Pulford, Chester

We’ve got our exhibitor’s stand ready to go and most importantly Angel and Spirit are getting ready to show their beauty off to new clients.  There will be some recorded footage of the birds in flight, so people will be able to see exactly what it is that they do so well.

The wedding shows organised by The UK Wedding Shows have been fantabulous events previously and we are sure that this one will be no different. However we are really looking forward to working with the Liverpool peeps who we think have brilliant friendly personalities (unless of course you start to talk about red and blue…..)

All in all – we’re looking forward to feeling whacked at the end of the weekend after talking to so many lovely people.

Looking forward to posting about the event on Monday!