An outdoor experience with Angel the ring bearing Barn Owl delivering wedding rings in the open countryside

September 6, 2011

Barn owl ring bearer outdoor wedding
Vixie and Marcus are nature lovers and wanted something different and special that worked in harmony with nature on their wedding day.  They learned about us and after chatting their requirements through, immediately commissioned us to deliver their wedding rings.  The difference with this wedding was that it was an outdoor wedding and we mean really outdoors.  The venue was set amidst the most stunning corn field in the middle of fields and fields of beautiful countryside.  Just to make things even more challenging for us the wedding aisle ran in between two ponds, which were (naturally) inhabited with wildlife.  There were a family of coots living in one of the ponds. Why would the young coots feel the need to stay still during the exchange or rings?  Why would they feel the need not to distract Angel and Spirit during the time they needed to concentrate on what they were about to do?  Why would they??  Well they didn’t – these coots got on with exactly what they wanted to do, when they wanted to do it! Fortunately Marcus (the groom, who was receiving the owl) and I had a chat about this and I suggested that he waited until I ‘tipped him the wink’ before he called Angel to deliver the rings.  At least this way I had an element of control and could engineer the delivery of the rings around some quiet time in the pond.

It was nerve racking for us, as there are far more distractions when the owls are out in the open.  Overcoming the distractions that you know about is one thing, but there are always those that you don’t know about!  Fortunately we had none of the latter, during the crucial time.  Angel flew beautifully along the aisle and she did look absolutely fantastic out in the open countryside

Some guests were in tears, Marcus the groom had a huge smile on his face and Vixie (who arrived at the ceremony on horseback) was looking on in wonderment.

We took another booking at the wedding for two weeks later – you can’t do better than that!

We had the most amazing day, the weather was kind to us and so were the coots in the end…..